Keratin Treatments
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Keratin Complex

Hair is made up of the protien keratin—it makes up the natural structure of hair and directly affects the strength and health of the hair. Keratin also forms the protective shield around the hair, when keratin is optimized it leads to stronger, healthier hair. Leaving your hair soft, silky, shiny, and smooth. No matter the type or texture, keratin can help you achieve the goal of beautiful and healthy hair.

There is a misconception that keratin means ​“straight hair.” Keratin = healthy, strong, and smooth hair for all hair types and fabrics. When using keratin products, ​“smooth” is just one of the results of this important ingredient. 

Benefits of Keratin The Problem

Keratin is depleted from the hair daily. This happens through environmental factors and daily stressors, like heat styling, chemical services, dry or humid weather, age of hair, and other extreme conditions. Continued keratin depletion can cause damaged hair, resulting in dry, brittle, frizzy, and dull hair.

The Solution

Signature Keratin is high-quality keratin that is in all Keratin Complex products. Signature Keratin can repair and strengthen the bonds of the hair. Replenishing lost keratin can reinforce the structure of the hair by repairing damage, reducing frizz caused by humidity, and improving the overall integrity of the hair. This key ingredient is featured in Keratin Complex products from professional smoothing treatments to shampoos and conditioners, and a wide variety of at-home deep conditioning treatments and styling products.

Beautiful Hair Every Day!

Keratin can be a great addition to a healthy hair regimen. The replenishment of lost keratin and it’s boost to the natural keratin in the hair can have a long-lasting healthy outcome. Experience the benefits of keratin and shop all keratin-enhanced products at Keratin Complex. Whether you get a smoothing treatment or adding a couple new products to your haircare routine, Keratin Complex has a wide variety of keratin treatments and haircare products to give you beautiful hair every day! 



The Keratin Express is a smoothing treatment that lasts for 4-6 weeks. It is best applied after a coloring service to lock in color and add shine and manageability to the hair. This treatment contains a synergistic blend of catatonically modified hydrolyzed Keratin and cysteine peptides that produce immediate and noticeable shine and conditioning effects on the hair, even just after one treatment! Hair can be washed just 8 hours after treatment.

(Please note: Our straightening and smoothing services are all formaldehyde-free. Formaldehyde is considered a carcinogen by a number of health and safety agencies.)